Purpose of Backlog Refinement in Agile


1. To ensure that the Team understands what work needs to be done.

2. To ensure the Team understands the Value in the Stories to be done.

3. This is a Team Sport- the Team will check the Story details and assist the PO(Product Owner) to either:

  1. Re-Write the story to make sense.
  2. Slice the story into smaller, more logical stories in order to correctly size the stories
  3. Assist the PO to add Acceptance Criteria
  4. To create any new Stories, Tasks or Spikes necessary to deliver the highest priority stories.
  5. To ensure that the PO recognizes, and understands the value of any new Stories that the Team needs to add in order to ensure the quality and stability of the product being delivered. Note that the PO is in charge of the order of Priority so the Team must accept the PO’s decision if they decide that these are not as high a priority as other stories.
  6. To add any technical stories, Spikes and Tasks needed in order to deliver the Stories being refined.
  7. Come away with a full understanding of the size and complexity of each high priority story.
Note: There is no need to have all details of a Story available in order to understand it – the criteria here is where the Team can size the story and effectively present it at the Story Pointing.

It is the decision of the PO to decide which stories to present to the Team.

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