Wells Fargo


  1. Private Cloud (Windows Azure Pack) Implementation [Wells Fargo]

Project Description:

This project is an initiative of Wells Fargo’s vision to adopt Private cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft.

This project consists of different teams like Cloud Migration Team, Tiger Team, Cloud Application Migration Portal team for .net developers with Azure skills.

Tiger Team takes care of building and providing the infrastructure for the existing applications to work in Azure.

Migration Team takes care of changing the configurations and modifying the source code of the existing Wells Fargo applications and migrating them to Azure environment.

Cloud Application Management Portal team is the development team for Cloud Onboarding Portal tool which is developed in C#, MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, React.js, Entity Framework code first and SQL server as backend.

My role: 

  • Senior Technology Specialist (Mar 2017 – till date)
  • Technology Specialist (May 2016 – Feb 2017)

Duration in project: May 2016 – till date (14 months) 

My contribution: 

  • Leading Migration team which is responsible for end to end migration of an existing Well Fargo application to Wells Fargo Private Cloud Infrastructure.


  1. Driving the initial calls with Application team to understand the application and complete the Discovery of the application.
  2. Understanding their existing architecture, source code and decide whether the application can be migrated or not.
  3. Documenting the understanding in a document called Discovery document and getting it approved by application team.
  4. Making the application team cloud aware and walk them through the changes which will be required and will be completed by migration team.
  5. Providing and helping the team with solutions for cloud migrations.
  6. Raising the required requests and set up the build and release process for the application in TFS2015.
  7. Configuring and troubleshooting Autosys, SSIS, NDM, HCP, Web sites and Web Jobs for the application.
  8. Running daily scrum calls as scrum master.
  9. Running weekly checkpoint calls with application team for weekly updates for cloud migration progress.
  10. Providing timely updates to the management.
  11. Helping and guiding team members in code remediation.
  12. Following agile development methodologies.
  13. Updating the tasks in TFS daily.

  • Worked in Cloud Application Management Portal Team as a .net developer. This team develops the web portal which is used by application team to onboard the application to cloud and works as a self-service portal interface.


  1. Understanding the requirements provided in the User Stories.
  2. Writing code using .net technologies to fulfil the requirements.
  3. Unit testing the code.
  4. Giving the presentation to QA team for the component developed by me.
  5. Debugging and bug fixes.
  6. Following agile development methodologies.
  7. Updating the tasks in TFS daily and giving the progress status on the development tasks in daily scrum calls.

  • Worked in Tiger Team as a .net developer. This team takes care of research and development work in components of Windows Azure Pack (WAP).


  1. Developing Proof of Concepts using .net technologies and presenting it.
  2. Completed POCs for Classic ASP applications, Service Bus, Logging, Websites and Web Jobs.
  3. Following agile development methodologies.
  4. Updating the tasks in TFS daily and giving the progress status on POCs in daily scrum calls.

  • Worked in Migration Team as a .net developer, which takes care of migration of existing on-premise application to the cloud.


  1. Analyzing the source code.
  2. Post Analysis, preparation of High-Level Design Documentation and getting it reviewed.
  3. Modifying the source code to make it cloud compatible by implementing the best practices to ensure the application works in the cloud environment.
  4. Deployment of the source code to Dev environment and executing test cases.
  5. Following agile development methodologies.
  6. Updating the tasks in TFS daily and giving the progress status on migration tasks in daily scrum calls.

  1. Nexsure [WellsFargo]

Project Description:

Nexsure is an agency management system which is used by WellsFargo’s bankers to create/insert records for all the transactions and operations happening in Insurance domain.

It is a web application where policies can be created, a post which all service operations can be performed and later invoices can be created. It is a web application which is hosted on an intranet.

My Role: 

  • Senior Analyst (Dec 2012 – May 2014)
  • Technology Specialist (Jun 2014 – Feb 2017)

Duration in project: Dec 2012- Jun 2015 (38 months)

My contribution:  Contributed as a.Net developer in enhancements as well as maintenance team.

  • In Enhancement team, I was involved in adding new modules/features to the project with a team size of 10.
  • Created Web Services using WCF,
  • Created pages using ASP.net, ASP.net MVC with Entity Framework for the application.
  • Completed POCs on ORM called Net Tiers, got the team acquainted with it and implemented the same in the project.
  • Written and modified stored procedures in SQL Server for the project.
  • Used Jquery, HTML 5 and Javascript to perform AJAX UI functionality.
  • Worked in an internal tool for tracking user tickets called TicketTracker.
  • Used Powershell to modify automated build scripts and create utilities useful for developer’s day in and out work.
  • Created many utilities for the project using C# and ASP.Net saving developers time and effort and reducing manual intervention.
  • Worked in maintenance team to bring down the issue count for the application for around 9 months.
  • Created a lot of documentation for the project.
  • Did performance improvements for the complex procedures taking a lot of time to execute.
  • Organized Team activities and Team outings for the entire LOB(Line of Business).