• WHCIT-ESIC [ Client: Government of Delhi ]

Project Description:

Dhanwantri Track: ESIC consists of providing the entire Hospitalization System on the Web. Right from the process of Registration of a patient to the Bill Generation is provided in this Web application. The Users will be having different Roles like Receptionist, Doctor, Laboratory Tester, Ward Head, Administrator etc. When the user login to the Site, they can see their work list as what appointments or tasks are assigned to them and can enter the results after carrying out the procedures. The Site contains more than 600 screens and the application is expected to be deployed on 32 servers for 2220 hospitals. The project is expected to cover almost 5% of the Indian population.

Insurance Track: ESIC consists of providing entire Insurance System on the web.  It includes registration of Employers which in turn register their Employees having monthly income less than 15 thousand to ESIC.

They deduct some amount as a monthly contribution from their salary and submits it to ESIC by the process of challan generation. ESIC in case of any disability, accident or injury provides insurance to all registered employees for free. This is the main track from where the revenue for ESIC comes.

This track includes major modules like Registration, Revenue, Recovery and Benefits which has sub-modules inside them.

My role in the project:                                 

  • Engineer Trainee (Aug 2010-Aug 2011)
  • Software Engineer (Aug 2011-Dec 2012)

My duration in Project:        Aug 2010-Dec 2012 (25 months)

My contribution:     Contributed to the Complete Architecture of the project. The details are given below.

  • Worked in the Release Management Team in which my role involves deployment of ASP.Net Web Application (INSURANCE and HIS) to production, configuration and management of new servers in production farm.
  • Well aware of hosting web application in IIS.
  • Developed windows and web services in the project.
  • Written complex stored procedures, cursors and functions.                 Ÿ
  • Written Unit Test Cases for the Web pages and tested it.
  • Worked on designing and development of Crystal Reports for INSURANCE track of ESIC project.
  • Created Windows-based application out of my role for Project ESIC with C#.net, WPF and MYSQL.
  • Worked on various modules in the application which is designed on MVPC architecture.
  • Well aware of OOPS concepts, WCF, C#, LINQ, JQuery and MSBuild Scripts.

The developed automation tools which include:

  1. Performance Monitoring tool: Used windows management and instrumentation technology, Batch files, Console .net application to fetch performance details (Active No. of Sessions, Total Request, Request Queued, Memory Utilization, No. of Users connected, Disk Utilization etc)of several servers in the farm and sends an hourly mail to higher management to determine the smoothness of the application.
  2. Master Recycler: Used Windows Management and Instrumentation Console technology to implement Master Recycler(A windows form application) for ESIC application which at the peak time when the load on the application is high, recycles the application pools for different servers and hence reduces the memory utilization and increases the speed of accessing the application.
  3. Designed windows application for ESIC project which sends an hourly report to upper management in form of emails.

      Reports include Challan count, Excel Upload count, TIC Count.

  1. Designed and developed File Comparison tool which compares the files deployed to production servers. It also sends emails to testers asking to test and publish test results and sends mail for the closure of CR with relevant documents attached.
  2. Designed and developed batch process application using WPF. This application is executing a batch process for 2 modules based on the selection of location and database. The batch process includes auto-creation of claims for the modules which involves complex stored procedures.At the end of execution, it can create the report and send across the management for analysis and records.